This unit has been designed to allow teachers flexibility in the amount of content they want to cover. It also allows for a greater understanding of newspapers through the inclusion of topical news and advertisements. The focus for Grade 5 is Canadian Government and Understanding Weather. In Grade 6 the spotlight shines on advertising, encouraging young people to understand its power and impact on our lives.

Lessons are written in a teacher-friendly format, complete with suggested time lines and materials list. Resources, such as handouts for students, and assessment tools are provided. Cross-curricular links are identified to help teachers make the most of their time in a crowded curriculum.

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Junior teachers are encouraged to explore the set of lessons created for students in Grades 7 to 9. Many of the ideas and projects can be adapted for use in the junior grades. The Intermediate unit provides a comprehensive look at how a newspaper is put together. Lessons cover topics such as how a news story is organized, news reporting, as well as editorial and review writing.