Newspaper – Making Sense of our World

Textbooks help us to understand olden times.
Novels sweep us away into imaginary times.
Newspapers help us make sense of present times.

Newspapers are different from any other print form. They are current and relevant.

Newspapers are different from other media. They are more than a sound bite in a very portable format.

Newspapers deliver…

  • the story behind the story
  • a picture of the world
  • a perspective on what is going on
  • scores, agonizing defeats, unexpected wins, coaching triumphs and untold scuttlebutt
  • the latest buzz out of Hollywood movie reviews and listings
  • job prospects
  • new transportation possibilities
  • a different place to live
  • vacation destinations
  • financial advice
  • shopping ideas
  • a laugh
  • a tear
  • the ability to linger (over a story or ad)
  • a window into the community
  • to your home
  • everyday
  • for 50 cents (on average) – less than a pop, a chocolate bar or chips

Newspapers can be used to open our youths’ eyes to the world around them.

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