Curiculum Expectations Covered


  • Organize information to develop a central idea
  • Develop paragraphs to compare and contrast ideas and information
  • Use writing for various purposes in a range of contexts
  • Use a variety of sentence types and sentence structures.
  • Revise and edit work, focusing on content and elements of style
  • Produce media texts using writing and materials from other media
  • Use quotation marks


  • Identify the main ideas in information materials, and explain how the details support the main idea
  • Clarify and develop their own points of view by examining the ideas of others
  • Plan a research project and carry out the research
  • Identify various forms of writing and describe their key features

Oral and Visual Communication

  • Ask questions and discuss different aspects of ideas in order to clarify their thinking
  • Listen to and communicate related ideas
  • Express and respond to a variety of ideas
  • Analyse and interpret media works
  • Create a variety of media works
  • Contribute and work constructively in groups