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How to Create a Newspage Using Microsoft Publisher

There are many page layout software programs available; one of the most popular is Microsoft Publisher. The news page assignment in this media unit is designed to work with Publisher.

Getting Started:

Like most page layout programs, Publisher includes design templates to help with the layout of brochures or the creation of a newsletter. While they are convenient, students should not be permitted to use a template for this assignment. You want students to explore graphic design tools and make crucial layout decisions on their own.

  1. Open Microsoft Publisher
  2. Select New/blank publication
  3. Go to Arrange (top of tool bar), click on layout guide
  4. A box will pop up with instruction to set margin widths and a grid guide. A one-inch margin is too wide, set the margin at a maximum of .5. You want to see some white space around the page.
  5. The box below allows you to choose a grid guide. The grids set column widths. This is where you will fit your copy (story). A good range of columns is 3, 4, or 5.
  6. Leave the rows (horizontal lines) at 1. You will create your own text and picture boxes.
  7. Click ok when you are finished.
  8. Go to the tool bar on the side of the screen. Select text. This is identified by a boxed icon featuring the letter A and some lines representing text.
  9. Drag the box to your page to create the banner.
  10. Select the font style (remember it should reflect the theme of your page) and the font size. If your title fits, choose 72 pts. You may wish to centre the word on the page.
  11. Optional – draw a box around the banner. You can use the rectangle tool located on the tool bar, or use snap-to lines. The box visually anchors the banner on the page. It could also be shaded.
  12. Click on text and drag the tool to a point near the banner. Create a second text box that will hold the date of publication and place of publication. The font size should be easily read, yet not compete with the banner or the size of the headlines.
  13. Draw a box around the text, or use a hairline to separate it from the headlines and copy below.
  14. Click on text and create a headline for your top story. Try to fit the headline into the column(s) space.
  15. If you plan to include a subhead, create a separate text box.
  16. Now it’s time to create a text box for the copy. Click on text and drag it to a single column. Stay within the blue lines. If the text box strays outside the blue lines, the copy will end up spilling into the gutter (pink line). In some cases you may wish to spread the text over two columns, or wrap it around an image.
  17. Write the story directly into the text box, or copy and paste the story into the text
    box. Remember to include room for a byline.
  18. When your copy is in the text box, go to the tool bar at the top of the page and click
    on center or justify. This will distribute the words evenly across the column, making
    for a more attractive look.
  19. To add a photo or graphic, click on the picture tool and drag it to the column.
    Insert your art.
  20. Create a text box under the picture or graphic for the cutline. Don’t forget to
    include a photo credit.

Student Handout: Creating a Newspage: Final Assignment Instructions

Name:_______________________________ Class_____________________________

1. The Assignment

Design and produce a newspaper section front. Choices include: front page; entertainment; sports; lifestyle; business; fashion, and editorial.

There must be at least three stories on the page. Remember to vary the length of the stories according to their importance. At least one story on your page must feature the school community. Include some photographs or illustrations (cartoons, charts, graphs).

Before laying out your page, each group must complete an Assignment Sheet. Keep the Assignment Sheet in your folder and hand it in with your final project.

2. Editing

Once a story is finished, have all the members of the group peer edit the article. Peer editors are looking for spelling errors, grammar mistakes, incomplete thoughts and run-on sentences.

Read all work out loud. When your tongue trips over words or phrases, chances are there’s a mistake that has to be corrected in the writing.

Newspapers are available on the go, which is why they have always been so popular. You’ll find that same reasoning for mobile casinos too.

Show all articles to the teacher before putting them on the page.

3. Headlines

Each student must write a headline. Some stories will require a subhead to break up the print copy.

4. Illustrations & Photographs

All photographs and illustrations (clip art, graphs) used on your page require a cutline.

5. Layout & Design

Final copy for stories must be on computer. Stories will be placed on a page you create in a computer program.

All stories will be written in Times New Roman 12 pt.
Cutlines are written in Times New Roman 10 pt.
Photo credits are written in Times New Roman 9 pt.

6. Marking

A rubric is attached to this assignment. Read it over carefully. Make sure you understand what’s required for this project.

7. Timelines and Deadlines

The plan for your page is due (A reporter must be assigned to each story.):

Interviews and research should be completed by:

All copy (stories) must be written by:

The final page layout is due:

Student Handout: Newspaper Assignment Sheet

Group Members: 

Assignments: 1.


Progress Report

Article Teacher OK Interview/Research 1st Edition
Peer Initials
2nd Edition
Peer Initials
Final Edit